DecisionPoint™ is a tool to conduct cost-benefit analysis in three easy steps:

  • Enter cost estimates by year;
  • Enter estimates of increased revenue and/or operational savings;
  • Enter tax rate, discount factor (PVIF), and depreciation years.

Immediately, you can view and print a detailed analysis which shows by year: costs, benefits, savings before tax, and savings after tax, depreciation, cash flow, cumulative cash flow and present value.  

DecisionPoint™ calculates three important criteria: Net Present Value (NPV); Internal Rate of Return (IRR); and Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) ... all without having a degree in finance.

DecisionPoint™ allows you to produce go/no go answers within minutes. It includes sensitivity analysis for comparative 'what if' analysis.  It provides for depreciation starting in out-years (i.e. phased capital expenditure) and depreciated over up to 10 years. 

DecisionPoint™ automatically handles replaced equipment salvage value.