Risk Management system source code

If you want your own custom-built enterprise risk management system, or you want to add a risk management module to your existing packaged application, then consider Incom’s risk management systems.  Incom is the developer’s developer of risk management software.

Many organisations are looking for a mechanism to ensure efficient investment of resources to counter the ever-increasing types of enterprise risks, the increasing cost of insurance, claims and litigation.

Our cutting edge tools and independent research means we are able to supply source code under licence to integrate with your existing systems.

Configurable System

The risk management structure may be altered to suit any business. All data fields may be renamed to suit any business. In fact Incom risk software has been totally translated to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Estonian and Thai.

The risk matrix may be selected from 5 by 5 to 9 by 9.  That means 5-9 levels of likelihood and/or consequence and 5-9 levels of risk rating.  And you will be able to rename all labels and select the matrix colours.

Any number of risk categories may be setup. Any number of risks may be entered against any category, asset, department, division, etc. An estimate of the likelihood and consequence is assigned to each risk and the risk rating is derived by the system. Any number of treatments may be applied to any risk, whereby the treatment may reduce the likelihood or the consequence, thereby reducing the risk rating to an acceptable level.

Technical Description

Package suppliers may configure for any number of users, and user numbers may be added as customers deploy systems enterprise-wide.

The system is a web-enabled multi-user Microsoft .NET application using SQL Server relational database supporting hundreds of decision makers across the enterprise. It includes Microsoft Windows single sign-on authentication, role based security for risk management in context, Internationalization, and translatability to any other natural (human) language.

Incom provides source code developed in Microsoft C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server for Microsoft .NET Framework using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.